Through the Fading, Into the Shading Sublimation in the Waiting!

A time when you had all the needs….

A time when you had the essential people around…..

A time when yours was a steady progress….

And Now!

A time when you have to decide and carefully choose even the basic requirements

And realise what you had was luxury indeed….

A time when you have none around

And realise you had the best of humans to live with….

A time when your progress isn’t comparable with even the snail’s speed

And you realise then you had achieved Godspeed….(Indeed!)

Pain, Hunger, Tiredness and Unending Time….

Though they seem to have become one’s close companion,

Perhaps these doesn’t matter, for these are just stepping stones.

To teach that what the Past was, the Present is and the Future will be…

Nothing but a Divine Design…

A Royal Path to attain realization of what endless masses on this earth are enduring….


To teach you to strike the chord with destiny, even harder.

And to prove if it’s stone then you’re the chisel….

This Too Shall Pass…..

And This Shall Shine:

Truth, Goodness and Beauty.

Sathyam Shivam Sundaram….

The Eternal for Eternity!!!